eSkills examinations
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eSkills examinations

TIEKE's Computer Driving Licence and Knowledge Work Examination are certification programmes that truly measure the skills needed in Information Technology.

TIEKE’s Examinations consist of Computer Driving Licence (@-level, A-level and AB-level) and Knowledge Work Examination.

Computer Driving Licence can be started by taking @-level, from where it is easy to advance towards the basic examination of A-level. AB-level is directed to an advanced user.

Knowledge Work Examination (KWE) is suitable for both basic and advanced level users due to it’s applicable nature. Taking KWE is possible for those who have basic knowledge in ICT. @-level or comparable skills are required.

The examinations will be completed through practical skills tests. Once all the modules of the chosen examination have been passed, will the actual examination certificate be received. In case the examination is not completed, passed modules will be marked in a study card.

Computer Driving Licence @-level and A-level exams can be taken in Finnish, Swedish and English, AB-level exam and Knowledge Work Examination in Finnish. Note that you have to confirm language options from the training organization.

TIEKE’s examinations have no expiring date and neither will partly accomplished examination go old. Thus the examination can be easily continued afterwards if it’s partly completed. TIEKE, however, recommends that over 5 years old accomplishments would be updated.

Examinations and recommended credits:

  • @-level examination, 4,5 credits
  • A-level examination, 7,5 credits
  • AB-level examination, 7,5 credits
  • Knowledge Work Examination, 7,5 credits