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Pre-Conference Preparation

In this Workshop, participants will be introduced to numerous practical tools to learn about and leverage XBRL. A number of products will be shown and demonstrated.

Participants are welcomed to bring their own computers and follow along with a number of the demonstrations; hand-outs will be provided on-site for those examples and exercises so you can try to follow along with the presenter. The workshop time also does not permit the instructor to lead students through loading the software, and Internet access and speed may be limited. However, participants are encouraged to download, license and install the software in advance.

1. We recommend that you create an XBRL subdirectory under your “My Documents” folder. While you don’t have to, our instructions will assume that location. We will also be assuming you will be using a Windows-based operating system. Many of the tools we will be looking at can also run under Mac or Linux, but we will speak as if you are using Windows.

2. We will be looking at the Finish SBR Taxonomy. It can be found at

We recommend you save the file to the XBRL directory from step 1 and then extract to the directory suggested by the Zip program.

Example instance documents can be found at the “/test material and documentation” folder inside the taxonomy package.

The Finnish extension of the GL taxonomy containing Finnish labels to a subset of the taxonomy elements can be found at (direct download:

3. To examine the Taxonomy, we will look at three different taxonomy viewer/editors.

Altova XML Spy – a 30 day free trial is available from ; we recommend that you download the 32-bit version for Windows. Install the software and start Altova XML Spy. It will ask you to register in order to get a code to run the software. Enter the information requested and a code should be emailed to you. Enter the information as per the email to activate the 30 day trial.

Fujitsu Xwand – the 2.1 Specification Taxonomy Editor and Instance creator available at is freely licensed for academic and consortium uses. As you proceed through the download process, it will ask for a name and email address; they will only provide a code if you use an organizational email address (not gmail, yahoo or another generic service). This version does not have an “install” procedure per se, but will unzip wherever you store the file. Once again, we recommend you load the zip into the XBRL directory and uncompress if from there. If you provide an organizational email address, you should soon receive a license file that you will use to activate the software.

Finally, the open source Arelle software can be downloaded for different platforms from No licensing is required.

These applications can also be used for viewing XBRL instances and doing some analysis tasks.

Finally, for Inline XBRL, you will want to download an additional tool, the VT Fact Viewer from

We look forward to seeing you there!


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XBRL 2.1 Cheat Sheet

XBRL GL Cheat Sheet


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