TIEKE Finnish Information Society Development Centre is an independent, non-profit organisation. We want to see Finland thrive in the ever-changing digital realm, as a competitive, adaptable and human-centric society. Our core mission is to develop the digital competence of each and every person and organisation so they can grasp the boundless opportunities brought by digitalisation. To achieve this, we work relentlessly to make digital processes better and more accessible to all. TIEKE is also a platform and forum that connects stakeholders in the quest for a well-functioning information society. Sustainability is integral to our mission, guiding our operations and broader societal contributions, encompassing both environmental stewardship and the advancement of digital rights.

With over 40 years of experience, we’re always looking for new projects and partners–let’s build bridges for a thriving information society together!

TIEKE as a digital advocate

As a societal institution, we have a key role in building a functioning and collaborative society enriched by technology. To this end, we offer Open Badges for Digital Skills to enhance digital skills and a suite of solutions for businesses, alongside organising events and engaging in public discourse on digitalization. We also champion open discussions about the future and direction of our information society. Additionally, we empower organisations to embrace the data economy, enabling them from SMEs to the public sector to utilise data effectively and innovate in digital finance, setting standards for transparency and competitiveness.

TIEKE as a bridge builder

We have used our decades of experience with technology, and its impact on society, to create a vast network across different fields. We work with IT companies, groups that need IT services, schools and universities, government agencies, as well as the media. By connecting with others, we quickly spot new needs from our customers and find opportunities to collaborate. We facilitate dialogue and encourage cooperation between government, businesses, and community groups. Our goal is to bring various people together, making it easier for them to share ideas and work on common goals through activities like the  eInvoicing Forum and Green ICT Ecosystem as well as  joint projects. As a nonprofit focused on doing good for everyone, we are committed to seeking solutions that bring benefit to society as a whole. 

TIEKE as a problem solver

As digitalisation leaps forward, it’s essential that no one is left behind. Being uniquely positioned between sectors, fields and stakeholders helps us identify the pain points and challenges of universal digitalisation. We’re dedicated to overcoming barriers to technology adoption and utilisation, with a strong commitment to quality, impartiality, and meeting real customer needs. By bringing stakeholders together, we address critical bottlenecks and build the information society’s infrastructure, always considering scalability from the outset to ensure wide-reaching impact. This makes us committed to tackling anything, which hinders the adoption and use of effective technology.