TIEKE Information Society Development Centre is an independent, non-profit organisation. We want to see Finland thrive in the ever-changing digital realm, as a competitive, adaptable and human-centric society. Our core mission is to develop the digital competence of each and every person and organisation so they can grasp the boundless opportunities brought by digitalisation. To achieve this, we work relentlessly to make digital processes better and more accessible to all. TIEKE is also a platform and forum that connects stakeholders in the quest for a well-functioning information society.

With nearly 40 years of experience, we’re always looking for new projects and partners–let’s build bridges for a thriving information society together!

TIEKE as a digital advocate

As a societal institution, we have a key role in building a functioning and collaborative society enriched by technology. TIEKE is devoted to helping companies, organisations and people learn and develop digital understanding and make use of the vast opportunities the information society has to offer. Our services include eExaminations for learning digital skills and a broad range of solutions for businesses. We also arrange events and participate actively in the general public discussion around the theme of digitalisation. We encourage open discussion about where information society is currently, where it’s headed, and what it means to develop it towards the right direction for everyone.

TIEKE as a bridge builder

With our decades of experience in the role of technology in a constantly evolving society, we’ve built a vast network of expertise across different fields. Our partners include IT companies, organisations that use IT services, research and education institutions, public administration, and the media. Through our network, we play an active and varied role in societal development. This includes bringing people, expertise and opportunities together by identifying mutually beneficial stakeholders and connecting them through, for example, our forum’s, like AI & Big Data Finland Forum, or project cooperation. As an independent non-profit, we are committed to seeking solutions that bring benefit to society at large.

TIEKE as a problem solver

Digitalisation moves in continuous leaps, and it is crucial that no one is left behind. Our unique place between sectors, fields and stakeholders lets us identify the pain points and challenges of universal digitalisation. We focus on developing new practices and processes in areas with demand but not yet supply, or where large cooperative projects are needed to find and implement solutions. We’re committed to tackling things that hinder adopting and utilising useful technology.