TIEKE as a project partner

TIEKE as a project partner

Building collaboration projects as well as leading and partnering in them is a core part of our remit. Through our connections, experience and expertise, we’re able to add value to your project, be it a large-scale effort to digitalise education or teaching digital skills to a specific group of business stakeholders like in logistics or real time economy. 

Collaborate with us

Do you have an ongoing project? Are you starting a new one? Or are you looking to share your expertise within a suitable project? We’re always on the lookout for new projects, events and ideas that improve the use of technology and advance a vibrant information society. Together, we can determine a role for TIEKE that would best benefit your project.

For a closer look at our main themes, the way we work and keystone projects, please view our presentation for prospective partners!

Make use of our four decades of expertise

TIEKE was founded 40 years ago, when our information society looked very different. Consequently, we’ve witnessed the incredible evolution and constant growth of technology’s role in our lives. This experience and our deep-rooted knowledge of the core challenges and opportunities of digitalisation make us an expert in the relationship between humans and technology. We’re also well-versed in the best ways to navigate it, whether in business, education or everyday life. 

Additionally, in the last four decades, we’ve taken an active role in shaping and improving information society via the services we provide and the projects we take part in. What’s more, each year we arrange or participate in an average of 20 events, around current themes and trending ideas.  

We connect you with our vast network across sectors and disciplines

Our network spans the public, private and third sector, and we work with a wide variety of stakeholders with different roles within our information society. Our collaboration network has hundreds of companies, organisations, schools, research facilities and public administration representatives. When you partner with us, we make it possible for you to reach a large audience, share knowledge, conduct interdisciplinary research and innovate new cross-sector endeavours. In short, we connect you to useful, relevant stakeholders who might otherwise be hard to reach.

We’re a trusted partner for projects big and small

Some of our projects focus on the specifics, while others span many sectors of society. Whatever the size of your project, we aim to be a one-stop shop that offers exactly what you need for a successful project outcome. Because of our extensive experience of more than 70 projects from private, regional, national and EU funding instruments, we can take on different roles depending on the project. We can do anything from coordinating it from start to finish to offering you insights on a specific issue or taking care of, for example, communications or research. 

TIEKE is eligible for EU funding, and as an independent non-profit organisation we’re ready and able to take part in EU level major projects with international partners. We have experience in ERDF, ESF and CBC projects as well as with many national and local financial instruments. Currently, we’re in the process of adding Horizon funded projects to our portfolio.