TIEKE’s current strategy covers the period 2023–2025. The strategy supports TIEKE’s work towards a society where individuals and organisations sustainably make the most of the opportunities offered by digitalisation, data, and technology.

TIEKE’s mission

In 2025, TIEKE will be a renowned and trusted influencer, networker, and accelerator in the fields of digital competence, data economy, real-time economy, and corporate responsibility.

TIEKE’s strategic themes for 2023–2025

The focal points of the strategy are digital competence, the data economy, real-time economy, and corporate responsibility. Read below for more detailed information about the goals and actionable measures for each area.

Digital competence

TIEKE is committed to fostering digital competence over the long term. As technology and operational cultures evolve, so do skill requirements. We stay ahead of these changes, contributing our expertise in defining them and responding effectively. Our goal is to ensure that organisations and individuals are equipped with the digital skills they need, whether at work or in their personal lives.

Data economy

The ability of organisations to utilise data and develop new data-based products and services is widely recognised as a competitive advantage. The data economy opens up a wealth of new roles to organisations from SMEs to the public sector, and TIEKE wants to help them acknowledge and leverage this potential — whether as users, processors, intermediaries, or providers of data.

Real-time economy

Real-time, transparent finance is an enabler of new innovations and a cornerstone of future competitiveness. Building on the lessons learned from the e-invoice address depository, TIEKE is one of the pioneers driving development in this realm. We also aim to ensure that as many organisations as possible adopt common standards and practices.

Corporate responsibility 

Corporate responsibility is a key concern for everyone, both now and in the future. At TIEKE, we champion corporate responsibility  in line with our values, in our own operations and within the broader society. Our wide-ranging definition of corporate responsibility includes environmental and climate issues as well as the realisation of digital rights.

How TIEKE works

Quality and impartiality meet collective needs

  • We bring stakeholders together to open bottlenecks and develop the building blocks of the information society.
  • We ensure that we always work towards genuine customer needs.
  • We factor in the scalability of products and services from the planning phase.

Enhancing competence

  • We continue to embrace our role as a leading enhancer of skills for the information society. This means supporting the definition and development of tomorrow’s digital skills within the scope of TIEKE’s strategic themes.  
  • We promote interoperable digital solutions to identify and acknowledge the skills of individuals and communities.
  • We advocate for the application and use of digital solutions to support continuous learning.

Impactful projects

  • We enhance the effectiveness of our work through carefully selected, sufficiently large projects aligned with our strategic themes.
  • We strengthen our role as a growing project organisation
  • We use our projects as enablers of new service development 

Active networking locally and internationally

  • Through networking, we recognise and anticipate evolving customer needs and partnership opportunities.
  • We continue to act as an interpreter and facilitator between the public sector, the business world, and civil society.
  • We boost our capabilities to build networks and serve as an ecosystem coordinator around our strategic themes, enabling us to bring together different stakeholders and relay information amongst them.