TIEKE Information Society Development Center is an independent, non-profit organisation. We want to see Finland thrive in the ever-changing digital realm, as a competitive, adaptable and human-centric society. Our core mission is to develop the digital competence of each and every person and organisation so they can grasp the boundless opportunities brought by digitalisation. To achieve this, we work relentlessly to make digital processes better and more accessible to all. TIEKE is also a platform and forum that connects stakeholders in the quest for a well-functioning information society.

With nearly 40 years of experience, we’re always looking for new projects and partners–let’s build bridges for a thriving information society together!


If your organisation or institution needs to develop its digital competence and improve its efficiency, you’ve come to the right place. Our services, such as the e-invoice address depository, will help you advance with digitalisation and run your operations more smoothly. By linking with our extensive networks and joining our events, webinars and forums, you can take part in shaping the future and tackling the obstacles in the way of the information society. To map and develop organisations’ digital competences, we also provide standardised eSkills examinations.


At TIEKE, we lead and participate in various projects across sectors, all focused on one thing: making our information society future-proof and ensuring that all players have the needed skills to be active members of it. To ensure a successful project outcome, we can connect you, via our network, with the most relevant stakeholders in public institutions and private organisations alike.