My Data Secured Project

My Data Secured Project

The project supported 14 to 22-year olds in understanding personal data privacy and how to access online services in a secure manner.

My Data Secured – raising youth awareness of their EU-ratified rights was a project informing and empowering young people and professionals working with them to be mindful about personal data privacy.

The project supported 14 to 22-year-olds in understanding personal data security and how to access online services in a secure manner. The aim was, that after our project, young people and youth work professionals will be informed on their legal data protection rights, as well as the role of the EU in securing the fundamental rights of individuals.

How we did it

We approached young people through videos and social media influence marketing, where their age peers discussed data privacy issues they had faced.

Our other target group, professionals working in social work, youth work or education, we provided with project materials for discussing data privacy with young people. The adults got tools to broach a complex subject more smoothly.  

Why Educate Young People On Data Privacy?

Data privacy is especially important to discuss with teenagers and young adults, as they are frequently likely to adapt new social online services and social media platforms. When signing on to a new platform, young people can give out sensitive personal information to the service provider. The content produced in this project provides 14 to 22-year olds with concrete examples on the kind of data service providers sample and what the data is used for.

My Data Secured Project was funded by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Finland.