Accessibility Data in Logistics

Accessibility Data in Logistics

In this project we eradicated delays in the "last metre stage" of commercial deliveries, combining silent city knowledge of drivers with delivery address information.

From November 2020 to May 2022, we worked towards smoother deliveries, the piloting stage concentrating on downtown Helsinki, Finland. Together with Forum Virium Helsinki and local logistics companies, we devised an open source -based data model that can be utilised to combine silent city knowledge to delivery address information.

Product devised in the project

With the help of a new data model and open source application, delivery drivers access additional delivery destination information not apparent from a street address. This information can include roadworks, traffic diversions, loading area addresses, dimensions of gates and other silent knowledge drivers usually acquire slowly through experience.

The model built is intended to be fully standardised, open source, and available for integration into different platforms.

Aims of the project

1. Logistics companies increase their profit as the new solutions and tools developed optimise deliveries in downtown Helsinki.

2. Clients of purchasing delivery services become more loyal customers as deliveries become more trustworthy, swift and effortless.

3. Smoother deliveries are less taxing on the environment, as the new solutions and tools developed decrease idling, delays and needless driving during deliveries.