Open badges for digital skills

Open badges for digital skills

Open Badges for digital skills offer a finished model for recognising digital skills.

The badge constellation contains five levels to recognise digital skills. The badges are aimed to students, teachers and educators, working life, non-formal adult education personnel and customers or any citizen. The five levels are equivalent to levels of competence in vocational education – from satisfactory to excellent.

The badge constellation contains ten badges and five milestone badges. A milestone badge is earned after all level specific badges and previous level milestone badge are completed.

All badges are issued via badge applications.

Open Badge constellation for digital skills

Basic skills

Basic skills -level constains six badges. The milestone badge is earned after all six badges are granted.

Choosing and using devices: Recipient of the badge can

  • identify and select the appropriate device (e.g., computer, tablet, telephone)
  • use the most common digital devices and their basic functions and settings
  • check whether they are connected to a wireless or wired network

Searching and evaluating information: Recipient of the badge can

  • search for information in digital environments (keywords, search engines)
  • search for information in different formats (text, image, video)
  • evaluate the reliability of digital content
  • recognise how copyright is related to information and information sharing

Secure action: Recipient of the badge can

  • identify the most common cyber threats and information security threats
  • protect their devices (e.g., antivirus software, device locking and blocking malware)
  • recognise when their information security has been violated and act accordingly

Responsible action: Recipient of the badge can

  • recognise how the use of digital devices and applications impacts health and well-being
  • use messaging services and social media services in a responsible manner
  • take copyright into account when using and sharing information
  • create and edit digital image content (presentation graphics) in compliance with copyrights

Communication and services: Recipient of the badge can

  • recognise their rights and responsibilities when disclosing their information to electronic services
  • use electronic services
  • recognise strong identification methods
  • protect their personal information and privacy
  • recognise and comply with the principles of data protection
  • use email and its basic features 

Using and managing applications: Recipient of the badge can

  • select and use word processing and spreadsheet applications
  • identify different file formats
  • produce standard text documents
  • make spreadsheets and use formulas to perform calculations
  • process and transfer data in different formats
Basil level badges and Basic skills milestone badge

Basic skills milestone badge

The recipient of this milestone badge is able to use digital devices and services safely and in a responsible manner when communicating and using services. They are able to search for information in digital environments, assess the reliability of the information, and protect their personal information and privacy. They are able to use the most common office applications and use, produce and share digital content in compliance with copyrights.

Digital skills

Digital skills milestone badge is earned after Basic skills milestone badge and Digital me -badge are issued.


Collaborator milestone badge is earned after Digital skills milestone badge and Collaboration badge are issued.


Utiliser milestone badge is earned after Collaborator milestone badge and Organizing you work badge are issued.

Convergent thinker

Convergent thinker milestone badge is earned after Utiliser milestone badge and Problem solving and planning badge are issued.

Content is based on several frameworks

In creation of badges different frameworks were benchmarked and the project team co-operated with the Finnish National Agency for Education.

The most important frameworks:

  • eRequirements – especially vocational education, especially Action in digital environments
  • DigComp – European digital competence framework for citizens
  • Competences and Skills in 2035 report

How to become an issuer of Digital Skills Badges

  • At least one person has participated in Train the trainers and received badges from the training
  • Organisation has an Open Badge Factory licence (Pro)
  • Organisation has partnered with TIEKE in Open Badge Factory
  • TIEKE shares badges, milestone badges and applications as links to the organisation
  • Organisation finalises badges and applications in their OBF
  • Organisation is ready to issue Digital Skills Badges

Train the trainers

We offer training to teachers and other educators to improve their understanding on open badges and especially on Digital Skills badges. All trainers that issue Digital Skills badges must carry out this training

Trainer´s skills are confirmed with badge applications

Content of train the trainers

  • Open badges
  • Badge programmes: Open Badge Factory and Open Badge Passport
  • Evaluating Competitive skills applications and issuing badges