Green Metrics for Public Digitalization Acquisitions – MitViDi

Green Metrics for Public Digitalization Acquisitions - MitViDi

The Mitvidi project develops easy-to-use measurement tools and metrics to support more sustainable ICT procurement. The focus of the project is on public procurement.

Sustainable development of the ICT sector has progressed at an increasing pace in recent years. A green and digital dual transition has begun in the EU, and in Finland the Ministry of Transport and Communications has adopted a climate and environmental strategy for the sector. The challenge in greening digitalisation has been the lack of clear and easy-to-use metrics, especially in ICT services and software.

With the accelerated digital transitions of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to measure environmental sustainability in procurement has become acute. The MitViDi project addresses this challenge.

The main objectives of the MitViDi project are

  1. to develop an easy-to-use measurement system, based on existing frameworks to support the public ICT procurements
  2. to build and systematically develop a local Green ICT RDI triple-helix network in Southwest of Finland and in Southeast of Finland
  3. further build networks on national and international levels.

Easy-to-use green metrics in four phases

Main emphasis is laid on the usability of results, encouraging ICT SMEs and organizations who assess procurements to utilize the project results. Good results are achieved by involving all parties in each part of the project, which is divided into four work packages.

  • The draft for the assessment framework is sketched based on existing frameworks of measurements presently used in the ICT SMEs and procurements organisations.
  • The most useful and strong measurements are chosen by measuring the environmental burden for the existing systems within the public sector. Simultaneously, the assessment framework will be wrapped into a web-based tool.
  • The third work package will investigate how the assessment framework is best utilised in the procurements made in the public sector. One outcome of the work package will be a practical guidebook on how to use the assessment framework.
  • In the fourth work package, a Green ICT ecosystem will be developed to Southwest of Finland and to Southeast of Finland.

The whole project network serves as a channel for promoting the results achieved in the MitViDi-project, coordinating development of future projects, as well as involving local companies to work with the themes of the project via challenges and hackathons.