Green ICT for manufacturing industry SMEs

Green ICT for manufacturing industry SMEs

We aid small manufacturing businesses in the region of Central Finland to reduce their carbon emissions.

With the climate crisis advancing and Finland set out to be a carbon-neutral country by 2035, demands for low-carbon products and services is rapidly increasing. This trend is not limited to B2C businesses, it also extends to the B2B sector and to outsourcing relationships. Our project assists small and medium-sized businesses in the manufacturing industry to adopt low-carbon digital solutions and ways of work, predominantly in the region of Central Finland.

Digital solutions for greener manufacturing

The lobbying organisation Technology Industries in Finland has defined six effective solutions to reducing emissions of the manufacturing industry in their industry road map (available in Finnish). In our project, we disseminate information on Green ICT to the manufacturing industry in Central Finland in accordance to these six defined topics:

  • Usage of data, IoT:n and AI in low-carbon acceleration
  • Smart automation and control systems as low-carbon support vehicles
  • Green robotics
  • Green cloud services
  • Digital office management, accountancy, logistics and other functions
  • Low-carbon ICT procurement

How Green ICT comes to Central Finland

The project fosters Green ICT in companies in Central Finland through the following means:

  • webinars on the six topics outlined above
  • coaching sessions to local manufacturing industry SMEs free of charge
  • networking space and services of the Green ICT ecosystems for willing companies
  • a guide on industry-specific Green ICT questions published towards the end of the project.

We also bring the results and products devised in our Green ICT project in the Uusimaa region to Central Finland.