Visiiri – National ecosystem for Green ICT transition

Visiiri – National ecosystem for Green ICT transition

The Green ICT Visiiri project creates an overview of the impact of the Finnish ICT sector on climate and the environment. The project supports the green transition of the ICT sector by connecting the sector's actors in a national ecosystem. The project will develop methods to measure the environmental impact of the ICT sector and produce environmental awareness training materials for companies.

Energy consumption in the ICT sector grows faster than in any other sector, and according to current trends, its energy consumption could reach more than 20% of global energy consumption by 2030 (GeSI SMARTer2030). Most of the energy consumption in the life cycle of ICT equipment occurs outside the use phase. To achieve the goals of a carbon-neutral society, the production and use of ICT products and services must be green and energy efficient. With the right design, this footprint can be reduced by up to 80% in software.

However, according to a survey conducted in Uusimaa in 2021, 78% of companies have not initiated any ICT-related climate action, and the situation is no better in the rest of Finland. According to a national survey in 2023, 42% of ICT companies are not aware of the climate and environmental impacts of their activities.

Establishment of a national Green ICT ecosystem

Currently, there is no clear channel for discussion between ICT companies in Finland on the climate and environmental impact of the sector. The Visiiri project will create a national meeting place for those interested in sustainable and responsible ICT products and services. It will provide information, tools, a network of cooperation and training for producers, purchasers and users of ICT services and products. The ecosystem will accelerate joint RDI activities towards Finland’s national target, which is still a long way off.

In addition to the national Green ICT ecosystem, the project will set up driver ecosystems in different ICT thematic areas. During the project, national meetings will be held on the different themes and a regional tour of the Green ICT ecosystem will take place in 18 different regional centres.

Metrics to concretise the environmental impact of the ICT sector

One factor hampering climate action in the ICT sector is the lack of emission models and concrete indicators. There is currently no clear common methodology for assessing the climate and environmental impact of ICT at national or European level, which also makes it impossible to compare different ICT solutions and services.

The Green ICT Visiiri responds to this need by identifying and developing methods to measure the environmental impact of the ICT sector. The aim is to create a model that takes into account all the factors related to the ICT sector’s footprint as well as its handprint, i.e. the positive climate impact. The project will also inform Finnish ICT companies about international work and legislation on environmental and climate impact assessment in the sector.

Materials to support companies’ climate work

The project will also create training content to provide those working in the sector with a basic knowledge of Green ICT. The materials will also prepare the subject for university studies. The project will produce e.g.

  • an information package for businesses on the climate and environmental impact of e-mobility technologies
  • a Green Coding Practices Guide
  • a guide to building a green data centre
  • a methodology guide for measuring and optimising the carbon footprint of data centre operations
  • a methodology for implementing continuous environmental impact measurement as part of software development
  • benchmark database on power consumption of ICT systems
  • guidelines for implementing measurement schemes and example scripts published under an open source licence

All material produced by the project will be collected on the portal maintained by TIEKE.

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