How to update information in the e-Invoice address service

Do you have questions about updating or correcting your organisation’s information in the eInvoice address service? In this section, we have attempted to provide answers to the most frequently asked ones.

Instructions on correcting information related to e-invoicing addresses

If you experience difficulties in adding, deleting, or correcting online invoicing addresses, please consult this brief instructional tool for a resolution.

I cannot find the online e-address I’m looking for

If you cannot find a specific organisation’s e-invoicing address, this is usually due to one of the following reasons.

  • The organisation does not have an e-invoicing address.
  • The organisation has an e-invoicing address, but it has not been added to the address list.
  • The organisation has an e-invoicing address, but it is considered confidential. If so, the address holder does not want to display it in the address list.
  • The organization has an e- invoicing address, but it is not active. Therefore, the e-invoicing address is not currently in use.

My company does not have an e-invoicing address, but I would like to send or receive e-invoices.

To receive e-invoices, you need an e-invoicing address. You can obtain this service from third-party e-invoicing operators. A list of online e-invoicing service providers is available at Click on the service provider icons to see their contact information. 

If you do not send e-invoices frequently, it is advisable to use services that charge you per e-invoice sent, rather, than per a monthly fee.

I already have an e-invoicing subscription, but I cannot find my company’s information in the e-invoicing address service.

If you have purchased a service for sending and receiving e-invoices, the operator usually adds your information to the online e-invoicing address service within a few days.

Sometimes your address may not be found in the e-invoicing service. This is mostly due to human error. In such cases, contact your own e-invoicing operator and ask them to rectify the matter.

You can find a list of e-invoicing operators at Click on your own service provider to access their contact information. 

I have changed e-invoicing operators, but the information has not been updated.

When you change e-invoicing operators, the old operator removes the old address from your organisation’s information. Corresponingly, the new operator adds the new address to your information.

However, if this has not happened, contact both opetators and request for the matter to be rectified.

You can send a correction request to your e-invoicing operator by filling in a Correction Request form. You can find your own operator’s form by clicking on the Correction Request button next to your e-invoicing address.

Can I still receive e-invoices if my e-invoice address is not visible in the e-invoice address service?

For the time being, e-invoice operators deliver e-invoices to their destinations even if they are not visible in the e-invoice address service.