E-invoice address registry

E-invoice address registry

A search engine for the electronic invoice addresses of all Finnish organisations.

The e-invoice address depository registry is a search engine for the e-invoice addresses of all Finnish organisations. The information within the depository registry is maintained by Finnish e-invoice operators, and it can also be downloaded onto the desktop for offline use.

What is the e-invoice registry?

The Finnish E-invoice Address Registry displays the e-invoicing addresses of organisations operating in Finland. Here, an organisation refers to any private or public sector organisation with a Finnish Business ID (y-tunnus in Finnish). Organisational information in the registry is based on information provided by Finnish e-invoicing service providers, also referred to as operators. The operators provide updates on their client information in the Address Registry.

How to correct my company’s information in the eInvoice address service?

What is an e-invoice operator? 

An e-invoice operator is a service provider that delivers e-invoicing between a sender and an invoice recipient. In order to send out e-invoices, an organisation must have an e-invoicing delivery service set up with an e-invoicing operator. 

A list of registered Finnish e-invoice service providers can be found on the registry’s website.