E-invoice address service

E-invoice address service

A search engine for the electronic invoice addresses of all Finnish organisations.

The e-invoice address service is a search engine for the e-invoice addresses of all Finnish organisations. The information within the registry is maintained by Finnish e-invoice operators, and it can also be downloaded onto the desktop for offline use.

What is the e-invoice address service?

The Finnish E-invoice Address Service displays the e-invoicing addresses of organisations operating in Finland. Here, an organisation refers to any private or public sector organisation with a Finnish Business ID (y-tunnus in Finnish).

Organisational information in the registry is based on information provided by Finnish e-invoicing service providers, also referred to as intermediaries (operators and banks). The intermediaries provide daily updates on their client information in the e-Invoice Address Service.

The service is accessible in both English and Swedish.

Searching for information in the e-Invoice Address Service

The use of the service is free of charge.

You can search for information about organisations in the e-Invoice Address Service:

  • By the name of the organisation
  • By the name of the e-invoice address
  • By the e-invoice address
  • By the business ID

How to correct my company’s information in the eInvoice address service?

If your company’s e-invoice address is incorrect or it is missing from the e-Invoice Address Service, you can’t update the information by yourself. You should always ask your intermediary to do it.

What is an e-invoice intermediary? 

An e-invoice intermediary is a service provider (i-invoice operator or bank) that delivers e-invoicing between a sender and an invoice recipient. In order to send out e-invoices, an organisation must have an e-invoicing delivery service set up with an e-invoicing operator. 

A list of registered Finnish e-invoice intermediaries can be found on the registry’s website.