eInvoice Forum

eInvoice Forum

TIEKE’s E-invoicing Forum drives the adoption of electronic invoicing and the development of e-invoicing interfaces in Finland.

The e-Invoicing Forum is an impartial network promoting e-Invoicing and real-time electronic financial management in Finland, bringing together key players in the industry.

Membership is open to all, and active membership participation forms the backbone of our operations.

Our works has significantly transformed the electronic financial management of Finnish companies and the public sector. The adoption of e-Invoicing has brought benefits to users through cost savings and more streamlined processes.

The e-Invoicing Forum is a Finnish innovation, yet to be replicated elsewhere in Europe.

You are warmly welcome to join the network!

About e-Invoicing

e-Invoicing refers to an electronic invoice that is sent, processed, and received in a fully digital format. It is also known as a structured e-invoice.

Current Network Activities

Real-time Financial Management

The e-Invoicing Forum actively participates in the development of real-time electronic financial management. Real-time financial management enables automation, structured e-receipts, and the widespread adoption of order-delivery messaging (Peppol).

The development of real-time financial management requires extensive collaboration spanning across all of Finland. In this collaboration, the e-Invoicing Forum plays a crucial role.

In addition to Finland, international cooperation at the EU level and beyond is also essential for the development of e-Invoicing and real-time financial management.

International Engagement

The e-Invoicing Forum represents Finland in matters of electronic invoicing and actively follows international forums such as the CEN, the EXEP, and Nordic Smart Government.

Schematron Validation

Schematron validation refers to the verification of e-invoices content. The aim is to ensure that e-invoices are correctly structured and contain accurate information.

e-Invoice formats in Finland


Finvoice is a Finnish bank-defined e-invoice format.

A Finvoice 3.0 implementation guide is available on the Financial Industry website

Earlier versions of Finvoice include 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, and 2.01.

TeappsXML 3.0

TeappsXML is a specification developed by Tieto Evry, used by some Finnish e-invoice operators.

The TEAPPSXML instructions can be found at https://bix.tieto.com/#/teappsxml

Finvoice and TeappsXML are compatible with each other and comply with European standard requirements.

European e-invoice or semantic model

European standard (also commonly referred to as the semantic model)

The European standard e-invoice contains core elements that must always be included in an electronic invoice. This means that the e-invoice can be sent from one system to another without the essential content of the invoice becoming compromised.

The European standard is a standard published by the CEN. It is also technically and commercially independent and takes into account the special needs of SMEs and procurement authorities. The e-invoice formats Finvoice 3.0 and TeappsXML 3.0 follow the European standard model.

State Treasury’s requirements for using the European standard

The State Treasury’s requirement for using the European standard in invoices sent to them significantly affects the increase in the use of the European standard in the private sector.

In practice, e-invoice automation requires the use of the European standard. Additionally, operators validate only invoices that comply with the European standard.

Public sector implementation guide

The Finnish public sector has issued a supplementary guide on the content model of the European standard e-invoice. The guide includes the data elements required in any e-invoices sent to the public sector.

Public sector e-invoice content requirements


For invoice exchange, Peppol is not widely used in Finland. The situation is changing as the State Treasury has become the Finnish Peppol Authority. Peppol addresses will become part of the e-invoice address service search options during 2024.

How the e-Invoicing Forum Operates

The e-Invoicing Forum’s activities are based on working groups. In these groups, ideas are generated, and discussions arranged on various topics related to e-Invoicing. Decisions aim to incorporate the opinions and desires of different interest groups in the development of electronic financial management.

We also collaborate with other organisations, companies, and public sector entities. We actively disseminate information on e-Invoicing, eReceipts, and Peppol-related topics.

The e-Invoicing Forum also organizes webinars and seminars and publishes guidelines on e-Invoicing reforms and technical requirements. Recordings of most events are available on TIEKE’s YouTube channel. The operations of the e-Invoicing Forum are coordinated by the steering group. TIEKE acts as the secretary of the steering group and is responsible for practical actions and communications.

Why Participate in e-Invoicing Forum Activities?

Joining the e-Invoicing Forum and actively participating in its activities offers several benefits to organisations:

  • Connections to industry leaders, experts, and colleagues, facilitating valuable networking and cooperation.
  • Opportunities to actively participate in various working groups and committees, allowing members to showcase their expertise, ideas, and opinions in developing e-Invoicing and real-time financial management practices in Finland.
  • The e-Invoicing Forum organises webinars, seminars, and workshops on current topics related to e-Invoicing and real-time financial management.
  • Encouragement for collaboration in developing e-Invoicing and financial management solutions. Members can collaborate with other organisations to find market-promoting solutions for technical and operational challenges, which, in turn, can improve efficiency and cost savings for the organisations.
  • Membership in the e-Invoicing Forum provides visibility for organisations as active participants in the development of e-Invoicing and real-time financial management in Finland. It demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to the development of real-time financial management and its investment in digital economic growth.
  • Members can share experiences and learn from the best practices of others. The exchange of information helps organisations optimise financial management processes and adopt new technologies and operational models more efficiently.

Working Groups

  • Operator Working Group: Focuses on developing the e-Invoicing infrastructure and is intended for e-invoice service providers. To join this group, a company must have the e-Invoicing Forum’s approved operator status.
  • User Working Group: Represents the user perspective on e-Invoicing development in Finland.
  • Software Companies Working Group: Develops e-Invoicing with special consideration for software needs and requirements.
  • Steering Group: Serves as the highest decision-making body for the e-Invoicing Forum.

The e-Invoicing Forum since 2002

The e-Invoicing Forum was established in 2002 when e-invoice operators, banks, and public sector organisations wanted to solve technical challenges related to e-Invoicing and to promote its use in Finland.

TIEKE has been serving as the secretary and practical implementer since 2002.

Initially, the e-Invoicing Forum’s activities focused solely on the development of e-Invoicing, but later, it expanded to promote the use of structured eReceipts (eKuiti) and order-delivery messages (Peppol) in Finland.

What We Have Achieved

The e-Invoicing Forum has collected information on the needs of various stakeholders, helping the financial and ICT sectors. We have organised a wide range of webinars and seminars that have promoted e-Invoicing in Finland.

Our operations have brought various stakeholders together to promote the development of electronic financial management in Finland. As a result, Finland has become a leading country in e-Invoicing.

Every progressive step or implementation of change comes with a financial cost, and some may benefit more than others. In the e-Invoicing Forum, different stakeholder groups have been able to find solutions to technical and operational challenges together, solutions that have provided financial benefits to all parties.

Through collaboration between e-invoice operators and banks, the e-invoice address service was created, The e-invoice address service made organisations’ e-invoice addresses accessible to all Finnish users, a globally ground-breaking innovation. Furthermore, a method has been established for the development of the e-invoice address service, and it operates on a financially sustainable basis.


Membership is open to all private and public sector organisations that use e-Invoicing or are interested in its development in Finland. For more information about e-Invoicing Forum members and rules, see the e-Invoicing Forum’s members and rules pages.

Join the e-Invoicing Forum by filling out the membership application form.

Annual membership fee is 750 euros.

Funding of the e-Invoicing Forum

The e-Invoicing Forum’s activities are funded by membership fees, and all private and public sector organisations can become members.

In addition, the e-Invoicing Forum carries out separate funded projects.