TIEKE and Finland’s Ministry of Finance engage stakeholders to build national API policies
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TIEKE and Finland’s Ministry of Finance engage stakeholders to build national API policies

The Ministry of Finance has chosen TIEKE as a partner in a government programme project to set national policies for the development of programming interfaces.

The national policies for application programming interfaces (API) are part of a large government project promoting the opening and utilisation of Finnish public data. Policies designed for the field of public administration promote uniform availability, use and reusability of data and different functions. Once completed, the policies will be an important addition to promoting interoperable digitalisation in Finland.

TIEKE is responsible for stakeholder collaboration in the national API policies produced by the project. The aim is to activate private and public sector organisations to form a network, whose representatives are committed to developing, maintaining and using interfaces in line with the future policies. Among the activities will be workshops for stakeholder organisations and opportunities for commenting on policies on a platform chosen for the purpose. The aim is to increase awareness of opportunities offered by the use of programming interfaces, in line with national API policies.

API policies promote modern governance and interoperability 

API policies will be applied in public data system procurement and interface development. They will serve as a long-term frame of reference for interface development.  
The policies will contribute to the development of public administration interfaces to guarantee:

  • customer orientation and collaboration 
  • interoperability and reusability 
  • quality  

The interface policies therefore do not only support the promotion of technical interoperability. The aim is to make more extensive and effective use of data between different organisations. 
“Partnering with stakeholders on national API policies gives us a great opportunity to promote a competitive and interoperable information society where data moves and is easily utilised on a large scale. The focus is on collaboration between the public sector and companies that supply systems and use data,” says TIEKE executive director Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts on the work to be carried out during 2021.

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