The project addresses the skills gap of Management education with regards to competencies on equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI). The project will facilitate skills for management students and managers in medium-sized companies, to respond to the societal transformation by setting up a system for skill assessment, learning offer and validation and recognition.

The project will start by analysing the training needs and offers on the Management education and business sector, to identify graduate attributes that will lead to the development of a modular training curriculum addressing the European Qualifications Framework EQF levels 5-6. The curriculum will be designed based on learning outcomes and on the blended learning principles, to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, competences and skills based on the exploitation of various learning settings.

The project aims to develop a suite of modules offered as micro-credentials, targeted to management students as well as for upskilling and re-skilling managers and employees to alleviate inadvertent discriminatory practices and unconscious bias in the workplace. This kind of knowledge and competencies might be more and more required in big companies, where we foresee the merge of new job roles related to making sure that equity, diversity, and inclusion principles are respected in the company’s policies and practices.

At the same time, it is important investing in innovative training for small and medium-sized enterprises, which we know make up a large percentage of businesses on the old continent. Therefore, the project EDIFY focuses on different target groups, willing to give both students (who are future managers) and actual managers already active in the labour market, competencies, tools, and be ready for the “next practices” to be implemented.

Project objectives

  • to identify the skills considered strategic for the new millennium
    • digital skills
    • green skills
    • social skills
  • to strengthen the cooperation between the Academic and VET sectors, as well as with the Adult Education and nor-formal learning
  • to strengthen the capacity of a highly strategic sector, such as Business and Management, to overcome the changes brought by the pandemic
  • to see the challenges of the post pandemic era as an opportunity for having a new generation of managers, aware of the opportunities given by respecting equality, diversity and inclusion in their businesses, companies, and activities

Project outcomes

  • Research on training needs
  • EDIFY Curriculum outline
  • A MOOC (EQG 5)
    • HE and VET Management students, managers of small and medium sized enterprises, employers, trade union officers, HR, etc
    • sustainability and green competences for business and management, providing good practices to be implemented at the workplace
  • A Specialisation Training Course (EQF 6)
    • face-to-face, virtual learning, project-based learning, and a work-based learning phase
    • customized learning paths
  • Face to face international training events (Winter School on Gender Equality)
  • Work-based learning and learning mobilities

Main target groups are higher education and vocational education Management students, managers of small and medium sized enterprises, employers, trade union officers and HR.